2-0-0 Organic Liquid Fish Fertilizer

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2-0-0 Organic Fish Fertilizer

Grassoline 2-0-0 is a high quality organic fish fertilizer manufactured with a cold natural process.  Our supply comes from the aquaculture industry year round allowing us to provide a quality end product to our consumers at any given time.

Grassoline 2-0-0 provides a healthy balance of micro/macro-nutrients to your plants or soil.

The fats and oils from the raw material have been left in the final product.

Grassoline 2-0-0 not only plays an essential part in your plants vitality and root structure, the micro-nutrients will improve your soils fertility, increase fungi and bacteria growth, and eventually will bring earthworms back to your soil!

Grassoline 2-0-0 is screened through an 80 micron mesh screen.  Our products can be applied as a foliar feed, sprayed directly on your plants or soil, used in injection with seed, sprayed through any conventional spray irrigation system, or used as a soil conditioner.

Grassoline 2-0-0 is sold in 3 container sizes: 208 Litre, 1040 Litre IBC Container and bulk