Grassoline Organic Fish Fertilizer Application Rates


Using a watering can for pouring directly on to your plants:

You can use one to two tablespoons of Grassoline mixed with one gallon of water each time you water.

Using a hose end spray nozzle you want to be dialed in at a minimum 20 to 30 parts water to 1 part Grassoline.  You can give the area of garden or lawn enough spray to seep into the ground and then water in thoroughly with straight water afterwards.  A 4L container of Grassoline at 20 to 1 dilution should cover 2000 to 2500 s’ of area.

For fields on the farm you can apply between 8L to 24L per acre or as much as your allowable fertilizer price per acre will allow.  Grassoline can be used in addition to your other fertilizer applications as well.

Turf or large greens

Try the 4L Grassoline to 2500s’at 20 to 1 or double it at 40 to 1 to cover 5000s’

Once you start using Grassoline you can adjust your dilution ratios as you see how your plants react.  You want to make sure you start with a bit more water to Grassoline and then work more fertilizer into your mix until you see how much your plants require.

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